Watermelon production

The pomegranate crop production : The botanical name Punica granatum, is a fruit-bearing deciduous shrub or small tree in the family Lythraceae that grows between 5 and 8 m tall. Pomegranate is one of the oldest known fruit and so called “fruit of paradise”. The production and consumption of pomegranate has greatly increased in recent years, at least partly due to recognition of the health-promoting potential of various components of this fruit. The fruit has wide consumer preference for its attractive, juicy, sweet-acidic and refreshing arils and there is a growing demand for good quality fruits both for fresh use and processing into juice, syrup and wine.


Watermelon Varieties

VARIETIES : In India, although several well recognized commercial varieties of pomegranate are available, Bhagwa and Ganesh are highly preferred varieties. In recent years almost all the new orchards are with Bhagwa variety due to bigger fruit size, sweet, bold and attractive arils, glossy, very attractive saffron colored thick skin, with better keeping quality thus making it suitable for distant markets. This variety was found less susceptible to fruit spots and thrips as compared to other varieties of pomegranate. ‘Bhagawa’ variety of pomegranate is heavy yielder (30 to 35 kg fruits/tree) and possesses desirable fruit characters and matures in 180-190 days. Ganesh is a popular variety of Maharashtra. It possesses pink flesh, soft seeds and is sweet with agreeable taste and medium sized fruits. It is also a good cropping variety.


Disease management

Diseases are the most important production constraints, which limits the successful cultivation of pomegranate crop, which is attacked by diseases which infest the crop from seedling to harvest. Growers has to analyze the field situation and make make proper decisions for their crop management. They have to select healthy planting material and varieties which are tolerant to major disease, The major disease affecting this crops are  Anthracnose, Alternaria leaf spot and fruit rot and wilt and  Bacterial blight,


Pest management

POMEGRANATE is an important fruit crop in India. The crop is attacked by several insect pests throughout the year  across the country. The major pest affecting the Pomegranate are Fruit sucking moth, Stem hole borer, Stem borer. Aphids and Thrips etc.


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