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French bean production

Frencg bean is an important vegetable crop.  The green immature pods are cooked and eaten as a vegetable. Immature pods are marketed fresh, frozen or canned. Due to ample production and ease of mechanized harvesting, bush-type beans are often grown on the commercial farms.


French bean Varieties

Depending on the variety, the pods can be green, yellow, red or purple.It is used as a vegetable and also consumed as dried beans or in the fresh state as green beans. ICAR-IIHR, Bangalore has developed several French bean varieties and hybrids namely Arka sharth, Arka sukomal, Arka Suvidha etc.,  


Disease management

Diseases are the most important production constraints, which limits the successful cultivation of beans. Among the diseases, rust has become epidemic in bean growing areas.


Pest management

Ithe pest list is the aphid which attacks a wide range of vegetables. It's rarely fatal with French beans but they definitely can reduce the crop considerably.
Aphids, White Fly, Red Spider Mite, Pod Borers, Pod Bug and Thrips are most serious pests


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