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Insect Pest Management

Chilli thrips, aphids, yellow mite, Tobacco caterpillars and fruit borers are major pest affecting chillies

 Mix acephate 0.5g, 2 ml of pongamia oil and 1 ml sticker and make an emulsion
(add a little water and shake thoroughly in a bottle) and make the volume to 1 lt and spray for thrips management. Alternately, spray Acephate 75 SP @ 1.5 g/l or fipronil (1 ml/l) or lamda cyhalothrin 5 EC (0.75 ml/l) or imidacloprid 200 SL (0.3 ml/l) alternately at fortnightly interval. Never repeat the same chemical again and again.

 Tomato fruit borer are also serious pests in chilli and capsicum. These affect the marketable value of the chilli crop to a great extent, if proper care is not taken. Spray specific NPV of the borer species

 Foliar application of Dimethoate (0.2%) is recommende whenever aphid attack is observed.

 Use marigold as trap crop (one row of marigold for every 18 rows of chilli) for managing tomato borer.

 Collect and destroy egg masses and immature larvae of tobacco caterpillar.

 Use poison baiting. Mix 10 Kg rice bran and 1kg of jaggery in the morning. In the evening add 250 g of methomyl 40 SP carefully and sprinkle over ridges. Caterpillars get attracted to the fermenting jaggery, eat the mixture and get killed
Repeat the baiting 2-3 times, if necessary