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Integrated Disease management

• Seed treatment with Captaf/Thiram (0.2%) or with Trichoderma harzianum talc formulation @ 5gm/kg
• Raise the seedlings using portrays under nylon net/polyhouse
• Drench the seedling protrays with Copper oxychloride (0.3%) 10 days after germination against damping off.
• Foliar application of Acephate (0.15%) or Fipronil (0.1%) or Dicofol (0.2%) against aphids, thrips and mites(need based) 

• Apply neem cake @250kg/ha or the required quantity of FYM ammended with Trichoderma harzianum @ 1kg/100kg neem cake/FYM to the main field against soil borne diseases and to maintain soil health
• Drench the seedlings with Copperoxychloride (0.3%) or Captaf (0.2%) or Trichoderma harzianum talc formulation (2.0%)prior to transplanting.
• Foliar application of Acephate (0.15%) or Fipronil (0.1%) against vectors of viral diseases 

• Foliar application of Wettable sulphur (0.3%) or Tridemorph (0.1%) or Hexaconazole (0.075%) or Dinocap (0.1%) or Flusilazole (0.03 %) or Myclobutanil (0.1%) or Carbendazim (0.1%) at 10 -15 day intervals from the on set of powdery mildew and Cercospora leaf spot diseases.
• Foliar application of Copper hydroxide(0.2%) or Chlorothalonil (0.2%) or Mancozeb (0.2%) or Propineb (0.2%) or Metiram(0.2%) or Pyraclostrobin + Metiram(0.2%) for the control of earlyblight from the onset of disease and repeat at 10 to 15 days interval
• Foliar application Mancozeb (0.2%) or Copper oxychloride (0.3%) or Copper hydroxide(0.2%) or Fosetyl-Al (0.2%) or Pre-packed mixture of Metalaxyl- Mancozeb (0.2%) or combination of Dimethomorph (0.1%) + Metiram(0.2%), Azoxystrobin (0.2%), Pyraclostrobin + metiram (0.2%), Fenamidone- Mancozeb(0.3%), Famoxadone + cymoxanil (0.1%) at ten days interval to control late blight during kharif season. (need based )
• Foliar application of Carbendazim (0.1%) or Thiophanate methyl (0.1%) or Procloras(0.1%) for anthracnose (At the time of fruit maturation).
• Spray insecticides like Imidachoropid (0.033%), Acephate (0.15%) or Fipronil (0.1%) at fortnightly intervals to manage viral diseases
• Each chemical spray can be alternated with emulsified neem oil (1.5%) or emulsified pongamia oil (1.5%) to manage insect vectors and diseases to minimise the usage of chemicals.