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Chilli production

Chilli, the hot pepper is one of the most valuable commercial crops grown in India and belongs to the family Solanaceae. Major types of chilli  viz., pickle or stuff type chilli in eastern U.P., squash and byadagi types in Dharwad district of Karnataka, mundu types in Tamilnadu, sannam chilli in Guntur district and tomato chilli in Warangal district of Andhra Pradesh are popular. 


Chilli Varieties

Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bangalore has developed several chilli varieties and hybrids namely Arka Lohit, Arka Abhir, Arka Suphal, Arka Meghana (F1 hybrid) Arka Sweta (F1 hybrid) Arka Harita (F1 hybrid) and Arka Khyati.


Disease management

Chilli diseases and have always been an important factor for the loss. To combat these factors we need to identify the symptoms, understand the exact cause beneath and endeavour effective measures to irradicate the pathogen at the earliest as possible.


Pest management

It is important that chilli Pest be recognized early in their development so that effective management strategies can be implemented.  Chilli thrips, aphids, yellow mite, Tobacco caterpillars and fruit borers are the most important insect pests on chillies. 


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